Let us help you select unique, holiday gifts for your family, friends, employees and clients/customers. Our gifts contain a variety of gourmet food-crackers, cheese, sausage, chocolates, cookies, and of course wine!  Prices can be adjusted by deleting or adding products. 

To order, call Carolyn Taylor at 319-270-4913 or e-mail her at Carolyn.taylor@mchsi.com  


Once you are in the parking lot of the Wine House please call 319-298-9463 and we will deliver to your car.   

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Holiday Gifts

A.  Round Tray
Baskets at First Avenue Wine House, Ceda
C. Sleigh
D. Plaid Oval Tin
E. Mailbox, Snowflake, Trees,  Poinsettia
F. Double/Triple Holder
G. Black & Gold Containers
G. Black & Grey Container
H. Brown/Black Plaid
I.  Snowflake
J. Assorted Blankets
K. Large Party Basket